Website Maintenance Services

Techmax offers you a complete package of web site design, domain hosting and maintenance of your website or portal. Our professional web site or portal maintenance services are of two types.

The first includes free web maintenance for all those website developed by us, as we take up a web site maintenance contract of 3 Months, 6 Months or One Whole Year. This plan is complete in itself and undertakes web design implementation and maintenance of your web site.

The other web site maintenance plan is a regular web maintenance service plan that we provide to people who already own a website but want some professional maintenance of their website. This is a very cheap web site maintenance plan and cost you only Rs. 5000 per month. Under this scheme or plan we not only maintain your existing webpages but also add any new pages or information that you may need to add from time to time. The above web site maintenance cost may be increased if the volume of work is far too much to come under maintenance and update of a website. In such cases the web site maintenance cost/fee will go up and our portal maintenance prices will be calculated by the man-hours spent in updating such a website. We give you the option of a fixed web maintenance cost in a Portal Maintenance Contract too.

We can provide you with that peace of mind by regularly maintaining and performing additions and upgrades to your Website so you can sleep well at night knowing that your site is well-maintained and your website’s visitors are protected. We’re a website design and maintenance company all rolled into one.

Website Maintenance Package :

What we provide?
Monthly Maintenance Rs.5000 + GST 18% per Month
Team Allotted Web Designer, Web Programmer
Scheduled Time 10 Hours per Month
Work Content Updating (News, Notification, Cartoons, Images), Html page (up to 10 pages)
Payment Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly
Backup Every Week

Our website maintenance services include :

1.Making updates and new website development

2.Updating company directories and staff profiles

3.Adding recent company news to website

4.Updating product pricing and sales

5.Adding promotions to the website

6.Home page editing & updating.

7.Analyzing website for broken links

8.Changing an address or contact information

9.Adding new images and content to your website

10.Performing website updates and backups

11.Fixing bugs or errors on your website

12.Performing offsite local backups for you

13.Reviewing link structure and sitemap

14.Replace images i.e. Pictures & Graphics.

15.Update photo gallery.

16.Verify all links – monthly health check for website

17.SEO optimizing images & tags for search engine

18.Updating hours of operation, schedules & contact

19.Create new web pages with new products /services

20.Add new page / content with description, images, media files like PDF, images etc

21.Our website maintenance service in Kolhapur provides you with easy, cost effective solutions.